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·  Ingrid, what drives you to be a competitive racer? [submitted by member Josephnra]

·  Ingrid, what drives you to be a competitive racer?
[submitted by member Josephnra]

Aside from the fact that to me car racing is just a whole lot of fun, I'm a real perfectionist and racing provides a puzzle for me to solve. I love trying to figure out what it's going to take to win.

It's a fantastic challenge because there are so many factors involved in doing it sucessfully, and these factors change to make it interesting: each car I drive, a track's specific turns and road surfaces, opponents' styles. Every racer works to perfect his/her skills and there are many tricks to learn and practice.

The big puzzle is how to be confident at the edge of the car's limits in each corner of the track, wheel to wheel with other cars. Braking later in many corners and finding elevation changes that give better grip are just two important tricks. Being faster in maybe just one section of the track wins races.

So, to put it simply, I love the speed but I also have the thrill of "solving" my opponents and the tracks. My goal, my passion, is doing this better and sooner than everyone else and then respectfully leaving them in my dust.

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